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Driver’s License Restoration / DLAD

In Michigan, drivers will have their licenses “revoked” after repeated OWI convictions. This is different from being “suspended” which usually involves just a matter of time waiting out the suspension and then getting your license back. With a revocation, your license is considered terminated. Drivers who have had their license revoked may appeal to the Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division (DLAD) (also called Driver Assessment and Appeal Division, or DAAD) to try and get their driving privileges restored.

However, the license restoration process is not a sure thing. At the hearing the petitioner must provide the hearing officer with “clear and convincing evidence” that they have any substance abuse issues under control and are no longer a risk to themselves and other drivers. The petitioner must produce specific written evidence proving that they have been sober for a particular length of time (a minimum of 6 months, although a year or more of sobriety is not uncommon) including the results of a blood-alcohol test, and other documents such as letters from people who know the petitioner’s history and can attest to their sobriety, documents proving the petitioner’s involvement with a treatment program, and/or documents that prove his or her attendance of support group meetings. In almost all cases, you only get one try per year so you'd better be well prepared for your hearing when you go to DLAD. An experienced license restoration lawyer is crucial to your success.

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