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Estate and Trust Administration

Although the estate and trust administration process in Michigan can be quite complex and intimidating, the assistance of an experienced attorney will help you fully understand and overcome those obstacles. LEO NEVILLE represents personal representatives and trustees in the area of estate and trust administration. Throughout Metro Detroit LEO NEVILLE has been trusted by individuals and families for his ability to protect their interests. LEO NEVILLE will strive to make the process as easy as possible for his clients, while making sure that they meet all of their fiduciary responsibilities. He will help you overcome and meet the challenges that may arise, including:

LEO NEVILLE takes the time to get to know his clients and the details of their estates, as well as their immediate and long-term objectives. Whether you want to work out the details on your own, or whether you need assistance to help manage those issues, LEO NEVILLE is dedicated to representing your best interests.

Guardians and Conservators

Many people think that guardians or conservators are only appointed for the assistance or protection of minors. However, they are actually appointed for people of all ages. Guardians may be appointed for incapacitated adults who are unable to take proper care of themselves such as those suffering from severe medical or emotional impairments and disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, or those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. A conservator may be appointed to protect and assist incapacitated individuals with the management of their property and finances.

The process of petitioning for the appointment of a guardian or conservator for your loved one can be very intimidating and confusing. The process typically will include the appointment of a guardian ad litem (GAL) by the court who will visit the “allegedly incapacitated individual”, meet with and investigate the proposed guardian, and then reports their findings back to the court. LEO NEVILLE has served as a guardian ad litem in many cases. As an experienced attorney, LEO NEVILLE will guide you through the application process, explain the requirements, prepare the Petition, attend the hearing, as well as explain the annual accountings and reports that the court will require.

You Have Been Appointed, Now What?

Having a guardian or conservator appointed is only the first step in providing for the care of an incapacitated person. Each year the guardian and conservator must prepare and submit an annual report summarizing the medical condition of the incapacitated individual and an accounting of their finances, income and expenses. There are many issues that need to be considered during administration, including:


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